Last weeks we have received very special visits at the GYM Space. In October Elisabeth Barber and Jeffrey Montague (representating the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Temple University, Philadelphia) were at the GYM Space, and last week we received the visit of Andres Gallo and Alyssa Kiff (representing University of North Carolina). During both visits, Mario Guilló explained them all the details about The GYM Project, a project developed by Futurlab and supported by the Faculty of Economics at UA, which represents a great opportunity for strengthening the institutional cooperation between University of Alicante and these two outstanding institutions. Betsie, Jeffrey, Andrés, Alyssa, hope to see you soon!

DOS UNIVERSIDADES DE ESTADOS UNIDOS VISITAN THE GYM SPACE. Durante las últimas semanas hemos recibido dos visitas muy especiales en el GYM Space. En octubre nos visitaron Elisabeth Barber y Jeffrey Montague, representantes de la Temple University (Philadelphia), y la pasada semana recibimos a Andrés Gallo y Alyssa Kiff, representantes de la University of North Carolina. Durante ambas visitas Mario Guilló fue el encagado de explicar los detalles sobre The GYM Project, desarrollado por Futurlab e impulsado por la Facultad de Económicas; un proyecto que representa grandes oportunidades para abrir nuevas vías de cooperación entre la Universidad de Alicante y estás destacadas universidades. Betsie, Jeffrey, Andrés, Alyssa, esperamos volver a veros pronto!