Diana Carriço (Lisbon, POR), designer, blogger, coolhunter, author and CEO in and Made in Youthland, a brand new fashion company commited with emerging trends. She came to Alicante as Professor of the Professional Workshop on Fashion Communication that took place in May 3rd and 4th. The challenge for GYM students was to create a communication strategy for the international launch of Made in Youthland.

COMUNICACION EN LA INDUSTRIA DE LA MODA. Diana Carriço (Lisboa, POR), diseñadora, blogger, coolhunter, autora y CEO en y Made in Youthland, flamante compañia de moda comprometida con las tendencias emergentes. Ella vino a Alicante como Profesora del Taller Profesional de Comunicación de Moda que tuvo lugar el 3 y 4 de Mayo. El reto para nuestros estudiantes de GYM fue crear una estrategia de comunicación para el lanzamiento internacional de Made in Youthland.