Last week Enric Bas and Mario Guilló introduced FLUX·3D methodology at the Design Factory, one of the most emblematic spaces in Aalto University, an international reference in the fields of Design, Innovation and collaboration between University and Enterprise. FLUX·3D workshops were attended by professors and students from the 2 flagship programs at the Aalto University: International Design Business Program (IDBM); and Product Development Program (PDP).

PRESENTACION DE LA METODOLOGIA FLUX·3D EN AALTO UNIVERSITY. La semana pasada Enric Bas y Mario Guilló presentaron la metodología FLUX·3D en la Design Factory, uno de los espacios más emblemáticos de la Aalto University, referente mundial en materia de Diseño, Innovación y Transferencia Empresa – Universidad. Los workshops FLUX·3D contaron con la presencia de profesores y estudiantes de los 2 programas más emblemáticos dentro la Aalto University: International Design Business Management (IDBM); y el Product Design Program (PDP).